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History of the Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean Replica Perpetual Calendar Chronograph

Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean Replica.jpg

1950-1985 Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean Fake 2499

• 349 watches

• Yellow, white and rose gold

• Two watches in platinum; one in the Patek collection the second sold at auction for Patek’s 150th anniversary in 1989 and purchased by Eric Clapton. Auctioned by Christie’s in 2012 for US$3.6 million

Ref. 2499

In 1951 America has become the most affluent nation on the planet, and New York the epicenter of wealth and excitement. The ’50s are saw an influx of deposed monarchy, artists and other glitterati all migrate to Manhattan, while the creative nerve center of the art world also shifted there with the rise of the American Abstract Expressionist movement whose hero is Jackson Pollock. On the literary scene J.D. Salinger’s genre defining novel A Catcher in the Rye created an uproar. Bill and Babe Paley held court amongst the jet set which included a fledgling author named Truman Capote who had just published The Grass Harp, while the anointed kings of high society Oleg and Igor Cassini would hold court deep into the night at the Stork Club and the El Morocco. And it was into this world of promise, change and optimism that Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean Replica brought forth what is commonly considered to be the single greatest wristwatch of all time, the perpetual calendar chronograph known in collector speak as the two-four, nine-nine.

John Perona (right), owner of El Morocco, celebrating New Year's Eve with guests in 1951 (image: Bettmann/CORBIS)

The reference 2499 was an altogether bolder timepiece than its serene poised predecessor the 1518. Interestingly there was a four-year period of model overlap where you could buy either. And what a choice you had. If the 1518 evoked the cool icy beauty of Grace Kelly, then the 2499 had all the Latin tempestuousness of the Gabor Breitling Replica Watches sisters, Claudia Cardinale and the onomatopoeic wonder known as Gina Lollobrigida, all wrapped into one. First, at 37.5mm in diameter, it was far more imposing that its 35mm ancestor and considered by many the perfect size to this day.

Ref. 2499

Second, the watch’s sexy stepped lugs injected a healthy dose of concupiscent design dynamism. The bezel while also concaved, was executed with a more expressively attenuated curve. The watch was just a little bit extra in every regard. The increase in size allowed for a dial with larger more visible indications and a bit more breathing room than was evident with the 1518. The watch featured the same Valjoux Caliber 13 based movement and featured the same tell-tale traits of the reset pusher being further positioned from the crown than the start-stop pusher, something that became more apparent with the switch to smaller round pushers in the 2nd to 4th series of its life span. The four different series of 2499 watches can be distinguished in the following way.