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History of the Omega Replica Perpetual Calendar Chronograph

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Without telling the amazing Stern family story, it would be difficult to tell the history of Omega Fake in perpetual calendar chronograph. This Stern family was instrumental in Patek's rise to the top of Swiss watchmaking. This goal was integrally linked to the perpetual calendar chronograph, which would be the most distinctive calling card for the brand many consider the best in the world.

Patek's history is not detailed audemars piguet replica watches enough to tell you everything. It was founded by Adrien Philippe and Antoine Norbert de Patek in 1845. Charles and Jean Stern purchased the company in 1932. Charles Stern's son Henri, who was Patek's importer in the United States, succeeded him as president. His son Philippe Stern, now a legend, took over the Patek's reigns from Stern in 1977.

Henri Stern (right), and Philippe Stern (circa 1970s).

Philippe Stern's son Thierry, was elected president of the company in 2009. The story of Omega Replica creating the first serially manufactured perpetual calendar chronograph, the 1518, began with Charles Stern and his family. Charles and Henri were the ones who created the 2499, which is still the most popular watch with this complication. Philippe Stern and Henri were the ones who managed Patek's modern classic 3970, as well as its ambitious split seconds chronograph model, the 5004. Patek's current leader is what made the 5970 the most beautiful and classic watch ever. He also created the 5270, which is powered by an in-house motor, and the 5204.